Balaxi Pharmaceuticals Limited has announced global expansion. In an exchange filing, the company shared details about strategic hospital partnerships in Angola and securing tender business in Latin America. 
The company said that it has tied up with approximately 50 hospitals across Angola. Also, it is working towards having tie-ups with more than 150 hospitals across the country.
“This expansion into the hospital business marks a significant milestone for the company, allowing it to directly supply high-quality pharmaceutical products to healthcare providers in the region. This initiative not only enhances the availability of essential medicines in Angola but also positions Balaxi as a key player in the country’s healthcare sector,” the filing said.

Balaxi Pharmaceuticals has also made a significant entry into the tender business by securing a tender in a key Latin American market. 

This tender, valued at USD 0.8 million, marks the company’s first foray into the large tender business in Latin America.