Call of Duty Warzone has been given a big new update on PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. The Season 4 Reloaded update adds a host of new gameplay features, weapons and items to Call of Duty. This includes the Reclaimer 18 Shotgun and the Sledgehammer Melee weapon, the latter of which can be unlocked by completing challenges. Warzone also adds the Altered Strain gameplay event, which opens up new pathways around the Popov Power Plant following the detonation of a DNA Bomb. The area is now covered in a toxic chemical agent, so players need to exercise caution. You can check out the Call of Duty Warzone Season 4 Reloaded patch notes below.

Warzone Season 4 Reloaded update patch notes


• Altered Strain

 – The DNA Bomb has detonated at the Popov Power Plant, opening new pathways around the point of interest and covering the vicinity in a toxic chemical agent.

 – Exercise caution, though the risk of exposure to the green sludge content much of the vicinity appears to have lessened. You should now focus on getting in close to explore the outcome of this major attack.


• Urzikstan

 – Popov Power Meltdown

  – A catastrophic explosion has destroyed a large portion of Popov Power.

  – The gigantic main cooling tower has almost completely collapsed, and the reactor itself has fully ruptured.

  – The devastation extends to a number of surrounding buildings.

 – A new, subterranean network of previously-unknown tunnels has now become accessible.



Urzikstan | All Modes

• Specialist Perk

 – Recently reintroduced to Resurgence, this all-powerful Perk is now available on Urzikstan!

 – Players who find Specialist will immediately receive the benefits of every Warzone Perk simultaneously.

 – Can be acquired via Bunkers.

• Redacted Weapons

 – A new set of specially curated weapons are now available on Urzikstan.

 – Head into battle with the upper echelon of weaponry through new [Redacted] Weapons found within Loot Hot Zones and Bunkers.

 – These unique weapons feature 8 attachments, 3 more than the traditional weapon loadout.

 – Can be acquired via Bunkers and other undisclosed locations.



• Reclaimer 18 Shotgun

 – A tactical shotgun that can be fired in both pump-action and semi-auto modes.

 – Pump-action provides superior range while semi-auto increases fire rate.

 – Available via new Battle Pass Sector.

• Sledgehammer Melee

 – Smash the competition into the dirt with this sledgehammer melee weapon.

 – Available via Weekly Challenges.



Lethal Equipment 

• C4

 – Decreased max damage to 200, down from 275.

 – Decreased outer damage to 100, down from 137.

 – Decreased max radius to 6.5 meters, down from 7.

• Killstreaks

 – Mosquito Drone

 – Damage is no longer dealt to the Killstreak owner near a drone explosion.


• Fixed an issue causing the Mosquito Drone icons to remain on the mini-map and tac-map after they are no longer active.

• Fixed an issue causing players to be sent back to the main menu after finishing a Ranked Play match.

• Fixed an issue causing the Tac-Sprint Boots icon to overlap with the “Hold to give up” text.

• Fixed an issue preventing players from viewing the “Warzone Rewards” menu.

• Fixed an issue allowing expired contracts to count towards the “Complete any 4 contracts” daily challenge.

• Fixed an issue causing the Converted SMG BP50 to use AR ammo instead of SMG ammo.