A travel enthusiast named Laurel, known as @laurel_magin on TikTok, has shared a “genius” suitcase hack that could save you from experiencing arm ache when wheeling your suitcase through the airport.

In a popular video on the social media platform, which has received over 200,000 likes, Laurel demonstrates different ways to wheel a suitcase and the best method to prevent injury.

She said: “So I have a travel hack. So you know the suitcases that have the four wheels, a lot of people push it by their side…

“People think it has four wheels for easy pushing, but I only use the four wheels when I have something else I want to carry to make carrying it easier.

“The old-fashioned suitcases that have two wheels when I walk I am always hitting my ankle.”

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To avoid the strain of pushing your luggage by your side when on four wheels, as well as bruising your body dragging a two-wheel case behind you, Laurel recommends dragging your four-wheel case behind you, but on an axis so you are using the two side wheels instead of the back.

In the video, she shared her suitcase trick: “So when I don’t need my suitcase to push a bag, because I have a light backpack on, I don’t want to push it, because pushing it on the side it can be a lot of work, and it’s easier to drag your suitcase behind you, but then your ankle keeps hitting it, this is how you’re supposed to roll your suitcase.

“Now it goes by your side, [but rotated] so it doesn’t hit your ankles.”

The hack has sparked mixed opinions, with some TikTok users praising it as a clever idea. One user exclaimed: “Mind blown”, while another hailed it as “genius”.

However, not everyone was convinced, as a different TikTok user argued: “I worked for a luggage company when a case has 4 wheels you push it when a case has 2 wheels you pull it.”

Another user warned: “Sooner or later the handle would break because the pressure from the weight distributes worse in that position.”

One indifferent TikTokker commented: “It’s not a travel hack, there are two ways of carrying the suitcase and you choose which one suits you.”

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