The Ministry of Tourism has launched an ambitious wedding tourism campaign, with the aim of tapping into the immense potential of the country’s wedding industry.

The campaign is aligned with Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of “Developing Tourism in Mission Mode” and seeks to position India as a top-tier wedding destination globally, the Ministry of Tourism said in a press statement.

The campaign was unveiled by G Kishan Reddy, Union Minister for Culture and Tourism, who emphasised that the campaign’s comprehensive approach will ensure that every step of a couple’s wedding journey, from the initial greeting to the final vows, reflects India’s warmth and cultural heritage.

360-degree strategy

The campaign is built on a 360-degree strategy that combines digital marketing, social media campaigns, partnerships with wedding planners, collaborations with influencers and both offline and online activations. By doing so, it aims to reshape the perception of India’s wedding offerings beyond just extravagant and royal ceremonies.

The thematic focus spans diverse wedding themes, from beach and nature weddings to royal and Himalayan weddings, allowing the couple to customise their dream celebration in captivating settings.

A significant highlight of the campaign is its collaborative approach, developed in consultation with industry experts, associations and experienced wedding planners. Their input has helped shape a narrative that highlights India’s allure as a wedding tourism destination, showcasing its cultural richness and diverse offerings.

Fusion of traditions

With an initial focus on 25 key destinations across the country, the campaign aims to weave together the tapestry of India’s ancient heritage and modern elegance. It emphasises the fusion of traditions, values and joy that India offers, creating an appealing narrative for couples worldwide.

Industry professionals like Samit Garg, President of EEMA (Event and Entertainment Management Association), expressed their appreciation for the initiative. The campaign’s strategy involves collaborations with these experts to bring Prime Minister Modi’s vision to life.

The “Incredible India” wedding tourism campaign is set to showcase the beauty and diversity of India as a prime wedding destination globally. By leveraging a comprehensive strategy and a thematic focus on various wedding types, India aims to attract couples from around the world, thereby boosting the growth of both the wedding industry and the overall tourism sector in the country. The campaign marks the beginning of a strategic effort to position India as a premier choice for couple seeking an exceptional wedding experience that combines tradition and modernity in the backdrop of India’s cultural riches.