Toilets are a place visited daily, yet many still struggle to keep them clean. 

One of the biggest issues for any toilet in the UK typically boils down to the buildup of limescale.

From toilet bowls to glass shower screens and taps, limescale can build up on pretty much every surface that it comes in contact with.

Limescale can make toilet bowls – and even seats – look brown, yellow, grey or, in some cases, black.

Having tried a whole host of limescale removal methods, one woman took to the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page to share what product was successful.

Amy Loft wrote: “We asked for help earlier in the group as we hadn’t been able to shift the gross stains from our toilet since moving in. We’d tried literally everything, or so I thought.”

“A few of you recommended Spirits of Salt. I can’t believe it. Poured it in and watched as it literally dissolved the limescale stains before my eyes.

“Closed the door with all the windows open in the bathroom for an hour, and this is the end result. I am so chuffed, thank you all so much for your help!”

Group members in the comments were also a fan of this product but recommended it be used with caution.

Paul Horse said: “Good stuff but it is hydrochloric acid. Be careful when using it. Can be dangerous.”

Charlotte Orton said: “This is amazing! Be careful when using it burns your nostrils.”

Tracy Bristol warned: “I swear by this stuff as long as you ventilate the room well.”

Max Strength Spirit of Salt is designed to descale and degrease toilets, concrete and brickwork.

To use it to descale a toilet, carefully pour half of the bottle (250ml) around the toilet bowl and leave it to work for 15 minutes or overnight for heavy limescale.

When the cleaning product is being used, make sure that the room is very well-ventilated as this contains very strong chemicals. After, flush the toilet with plenty of cold water before using it again. 

Max Strength Spirit of Salt can be picked up from hardware stores such as Homebase for £3.50.