Fed up with your job? It might be time to move overseas. While some Britons relocate for a new experience, better housing or love, many move to find work.

New research from William Russell has found the countries where British expats have the best chance of finding work.

They looked at the expat employment and unemployment rate in each country as well as the revenue per capita contributed by expats.

Finding a new job abroad can be a challenge, particularly if there’s a language barrier or visa issues. But there are a few countries where expats are more likely to find work.

So where is the best place for British expats to work?

New Zealand topped the ranking for expat employment. More than 80 percent of expats were employed in New Zealand.

Expats also made a huge contribution to New Zealand’s economy, making it a great place for Britons looking to relocate.

In Europe, Poland topped the list. More than 80 percent of expats are employed in Poland and foreign workers also make a sizable contribution to the country’s economy.

Hungary and Czech Republic were also great options for Britons looking for foreign employment although expats should be aware that the average wage is lower in each of the countries.

Australia also made the list and it’s a popular option for many young people looking for a new opportunity abroad.

Want to relocate for the weather? A sunny Spanish city has been named the best city in the world for expats.