Meat snack company Slim Jim is asking motorists to keep an eye out for the modified Nissan Z it displays at promotional events across the nation. Highly distinctive thanks to a long list of aftermarket parts, the coupe (which is nicknamed Fast Meat) was stolen in Los Angeles.

Slim Jim explains that Fast Meat has been driving around the United States as part of a partnership with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). It stopped in Chicago, and it then made its way to Los Angeles to star in a video. That’s where it was stolen in December 2023.

The Z was last seen in California, according to the brand. It’s difficult to miss: riding on aftermarket wheels, it features a Slim Jim wrapper-themed exterior wrap with the brand’s logo, deep-tinted windows, and orange LED underbody lighting. We don’t know the color of the paint underneath the wrap, and while photos of the interior haven’t been released we’re told it’s equipped with custom yellow leather upholstery.

Numerous interior details further set Fast Meat apart from a regular Z. There’s a Slim Jim holder, a one-of-a-kind Slim Jim dispenser in the glovebox, and a handful of “69,” “420,” and “Long Boi Gang” logos scattered across the interior. Clearly, this is not a run-of-the-mill Z.

Slim Jim is asking anyone with information about who stole the car or where it’s located to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.