‌Ryanair has issued a flight warning for passengers travelling to and from the UK on Thursday December 21.

An airline spokesperson said: “Potential disruptions to and from the UK due to strong winds.

“Affected passengers will be notified and any passengers travelling to and from the UK on Thursday December 21 should check their Ryanair app for the latest updates on their flight.

“We regret any inconvenience caused to passengers as a result of these strong winds, which are outside Ryanair’s control and affect all airlines operating to and from the UK on Thursday December 21.”

British Airways grounded over 20 domestic and European flights due to the impact of heavy winds.

Storm Pia caused several flights to be cancelled as gales are expected to reach up to 80mph in some areas of the UK .

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning as strong winds also closed rail lines around the country.

Liverpool Christmas Market has also been cancelled due to high winds as the team monitors the situation.

Travellers should check the status of their flight before travelling to the airport as it might be delayed.

Airlines should contact passengers with cancelled or delayed flights directly and passengers can contact their airline for more information.

Passengers with a cancelled flight are usually entitled to an alternative flight free of charge if one is available even if it’s on a rival airline.