Acidic red wine can put a damper on any dinner and even represent a waste of money if it tastes too vinegary to actually drink.

That’s why a new hack has gained popularity among wine lovers on TikTok, despite critics calling it a “crime” against the beloved alcoholic beverage.

More than just a trend, Kalimotxo is a legitimate drink with a long history, but online users seem to have only recently taken a liking to it.

Originating in the 1920s from the Old Port area of Algorta, a Basque coastal town in Spain, Kalimotxo is a refreshing mix of red wine and cola.

Legend has it that festival organizers discovered their red wine had turned bad. In an attempt to salvage the situation, they added cola to the wine.

The idea was to balance the acidity of the wine with the sweetness of the cola, and it worked.

This simple recipe has gained recent popularity on the social media platform, with users like Golden Hive Mead experimenting with the viral trend.

The content creator said: “Apparently all you need is Coke and red wine. I do feel like I’m committing a crime adding this to ice, but I need to follow the rules here.

“So it’s supposed to be a 50/50 mix and you can use any cheap wine.

“But now let’s give this a taste. It was actually surprisingly good, and I understand the hype.

“It kind of reminds me of a fruity rum and Coke a little bit. But definitely just give it a try yourself.”

However, the post’s comments section revealed a different side to the cult drink, with critics seeming slightly annoyed at its emergence.

One user commented: “I was a bartender, and this is a pretty common drink. Have you tried lemonade and beer? It’s called a ‘shandy’. That’s a bit wild too.”

And someone simply exclaimed: “No thanks!”