A Race Across the World star left people in stitches after going to extreme lengths to cut the cost of his holiday.

Alfie Watts, who appeared in the latest series of the BBC show, shared a video of himself walking to Stansted Airport on TikTok. And it seems the penny pinching tactics he used on the programme have served him well in everyday life.

The travel-mad lad admitted he didn’t want to pay the parking fees. In the caption, Alfie explained the fee was £100 to park for two days, and claimed they must be “having a giggle.”

The clip showed him walking while carrying his bags and, over the top, he wrote: “When you flat out refuse to pay for airport parking so decide to literally walk to Stansted.”

You then see a montage of clips of him walking to the airport, which got a lot of people laughing. On the plus side, at least it was a sunny day, and the weather was on his side for the hiking adventure.

He didn’t state how long he walked for, but the video has since gone viral. People told him he must have a “Race Across the World” mindset.

The video has been liked over 200,000 times – and people were quick to comment too. Many were keen to make jokes about the funny tale.

One person wrote: “This is so funny because I drive to work, and see 30+ people a day doing this.” Another said: “I would walk all the way abroad if I didn’t live on an island.”

A third replied: “I swear that at Stansted 75% of flights cost less than it costs to park your car while you’re away.” Meanwhile, a fourth chirped in with: “Airport parking does take the Mick to be fair.”

Some did point out there were other ways Alfie could have got there on a budget, though. He could have simply hopped on a bus, which would have stopped his feet aching.

One person suggested: “I feel like there were options between those two.” Another chimed in with: “Bro there’s buses and trains.” And a third also said: “Couldn’t you take the coach?”

Even though some people were left confused by his daring decision, Alfie didn’t let it get him down. He replied to the comments saying: “Walking is free”, and stood by his choice to put the miles in.

A lot of people said they would do the same to save pennies though, and thought his journey to the airport was absolutely hilarious. One bloke said he was “proud to admit” he’d do the same, while others praised the money-saving idea.

The social media was dubbed “real” for opening up about his journey in such a candid way. Even if you think it’s a pretty bonkers move, you can’t deny it’s hard not to laugh at the travel tale.