Tourists are often a target for pickpockets as they’re usually less aware of their surroundings and may be carrying more valuables.

Pickpockets often operate in crowded areas, such as around busy tourist attractions or at public transport stations.

In these situations, tourists are often distracted making it easy for a pickpocket to take advantage of them.

But while a pickpocket could strike anywhere, there are a few holiday destinations where tourists are more likely to be the victim of a thief. 

The team at looked at reviews of top destinations to find the world’s worst spots for pickpockets. Unfortunately for Brits, it’s in Spain. 

Although Las Ramblas took the top spot, many of the world’s worst pickpocket hotspots were located in Paris. The Eiffel Tower was the worst of several of the capital’s attractions that made the list.

It can be hard to avoid pickpockets but using a flat money belt under clothing can deter thieves.

It’s important to leave valuables in a secure safe at accommodation rather than take everything into the city.