Next time you indulge in a Cornetto, take a moment to examine its logo closely.

As the UK basks in glorious sunshine this past week, ice creams have become the go-to treat for many seeking respite from the scorching heat.

But for those who favour a Cornetto on these balmy summer days, have you ever spotted something peculiar about its logo?

It’s not just the name ‘Cornetto’ penned in an elegant script; if you observe from the right angle, there’s a hidden picture nestled within the letters. Can you spot what it is?

A Reddit user pointed out by rotating the Cornetto logo sideways and positioning the ‘C’ at the top, the lettering takes on the iconic cone shape of the beloved ice cream.

The eagle-eyed Redditor shared their revelation with the community: “I’d never noticed before that the Cornetto logo is Cornetto-shaped when you turn it sideways.”

But the response from fellow Reddit users was a mix of amazement and scepticism.

While some were astonished by the discovery, others debated whether the logo genuinely resembled a Cornetto or if it was a stretch of the imagination.

One commenter probed: “Is it though?”, prompting another doubter to respond: “A bit, I guess.”

Another individual praised the sharp observation by saying: “That’s mint information, mate.”

While someone else stated: “You know what I think it is intentional, good find!”

An amused user even imagined one happy designer cheering at the discovery as they wrote: “Someone at a design agency has just seen this post and punched the air screaming ‘Yesss, I knew they’d see it!’.”

The thread also sparked humour as one person joked: “If you turn it the other way around it’s a saxophone.”