A New Year always makes room for some innovative and exciting interior decor styles to become popular, and according to some experts, next year is all about colour.

Sam Greig, an interior designer at Swoon, the UK’s leading online design-led furniture brand, has unveiled the trends which should disappear in the New Year.

1. Single-purpose furnishings

The expert explained: “Just like the purge of single-use plastic, in 2024, single-use furnishings are on their way out.

“With the cost of living leaving consumers wearier of value for money, multi-functional, utilitarian furnishings that offer more than just their initial use is in.

“In 2024, I am looking to see multi-functional furniture take on a more stylish appearance. Think chic ottoman beds with hidden storage, decorative sideboards with additional cupboard space, and glamorous bar carts that double up as side tables. Functional doesn’t have to mean frumpy.”

2. Trendy TikTok fads

Next year, the expert said it is time to avoid the trap of taking TikTok trends which quickly lose their charm.

This includes the viral bubble couch or the framed TV fad which quickly “dropped off the face of the earth”.

The expert said: “There is no denying that some viral designs trend for a reason, but if you are looking to purchase sustainably and responsibly to curate a timeless interior collection, oftentimes TikTok trends do not possess the longevity you are looking for.

“Rather than impulse purchasing viral trends, I recommend curating your own cherished collection of furniture and accessories gradually, creating a unique and timeless home aesthetic that will stand the test of time.”

3. All-white wall obsession

According to the pro, the plain white wall which is “clinical and cold”, often found in doctor’s surgeries and offices, “has no place in homes in 2024”.

The expert recommended moving away from monotone all-white walls and embracing warmer tones or bold accents that “infuse personality” and warmth into living spaces, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

The interior designer noted: “Colour is the flavour of the home, and utilising it without fear is one of my biggest recommendations for those who are looking to elevate their interiors.

“Don’t be afraid of adding colour to your walls, furnishings and accessories. A pop of sunset orange in a somewhat monochrome room can take a space from ordinary to excellent.”

4. Symmetry

The expert said “gone are the days” when a feature wall had to be symmetrical, or bedside tables needed to match.

Next year, it’s time to embrace natural variation and more relaxed layers to create a sense of spontaneity in every room of the home.

Sam added: “Introduce variety into your interior by mixing shapes, sizes, heights and textures. For example, in place of a plain piece, fluted finishes and reeding are set to be hot in 2024.

“So, with a wealth of expert insights surrounding what to steer clear from in the New Year, it’s time to say goodbye to outdated interior trends and designs, and revitalise your home with a fuse of popular designs, personality and classic design principles.”