Many people often use their kettles to boil water, but the hob is also an option, and both appliances are used daily in most households.

However, with households still facing high energy bills, looking for ways to cut the cost is crucial.

A TikTok user, who goes by the name @dinosaurdannyx, recently helped Britons and did an experiment to find out how much energy and how much cost was involved with boiling two litres of water at room temperature.

Firstly the engineer worked out how to measure the flow of gas used by his stove where he found out that it cost him around 2p to boil water using the hob.

After, he used his electric kettle to boil the same volume of water, where he found out it cost 3.5p, almost double the stove.

He said: “The results of this actually surprised me.”

Although kettles may use less energy to boil, the differing prices of electricity and gas meant the hob worked out cheaper overall.

However, this may differ for Britons, depending on their tariff and prices.

The TikTok user asked others not to try this at home and was simply finding out the difference in cost for his wife and others who asked.

He added: “If you’re looking for an energy saving, you go for the electric kettle. If you’re looking for a cost-saving, go for the hob.

“If you’re looking for time, then that depends upon what you’ve got and how much you value your time.”

According to experts at Radiators Online, using the kettle for the average amount of time daily could cost households around £124 a year.

To keep the kettle working efficiently and keeping bills to a minimum, Britons should make sure they are cleaning the appliance regularly.

Mark Greig, head of supplier management at nationwide electrical appliance experts, Marks Electrical, told “Whether it’s being used to make a morning coffee or help boil rice for dinner, our kettle gets lots of use throughout the day.

“Unfortunately, over time this leads to white deposits, known as limescale, building up in kettles. At a time when energy prices continue to rise, it’s never been more important to maintain your kettle and ensure it operates as efficiently as possible, reducing the overall cost of your bills.”

The most effective way to clean the kettle is to use white vinegar and water, soaking it overnight and then rinsing it properly in the morning.

According to the expert, the limescale should fall off pretty easily. Make sure to boil the kettle and refill it before using.