A cleaning guru has explained how households can do their washing without sending expenses skyrocketing – by using the right setting on their washing machine.

Finances are hard enough to juggle during the holiday season, but laundry puts extra pressure on schedules and finances when temperatures drop, as increased humidity calls for long tumble-dryer cycles.

Of all the appliances in the utility room, the tumble dryer is most notorious for its hefty contribution to utility bills.

Fortunately, one laundry expert has found a clever way to circumvent the financial burden of cleaning sheets by choosing the right setting on her washing machine.

In a recent TikTok clip posted by @lynsey_queennofclean, the cleaning guru explained that households shave large sums off their energy bills by tweaking their washing machine setting.

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The content creator has become a phenomenon on social media, racking up hundreds of thousands of views thanks to her budget-friendly tips.

She showed that she turns her dial to ‘spin and drain’ before pressing start on her washing machine.

“Don’t forget that extra spin,” the cleaning guru warned. “The extra spin will help to remove as much water as possible from your laundry.

“[It will] reduce drying time, especially when washing heavy items such as jeans, towels, and bedding.”

The hack is paramount for anyone reluctant to use their tumble dryer this winter but doesn’t have the time or space to let their clothes dry on a rack.

“Genius! Will be doing this because I let those pieces air dry,” noted one person, while another added: “I have this machine, they basically come out dry.

A third commented: “Do it every time.”

One savvy saver claimed: “I’ve done this for years.”  

It makes sense to give washing machines an extra spin, as these cycles cost substantially less than a single cycle in the tumble dryer.  

If homeowners still want to add their clothes to the tumble dryer after they’ve been washed, the garments will carry less excess water.