A YouTube creator, known by the username Photosandfood, took to the platform to share his recipe for a delicious and fluffy omelette.

The short clip was captioned: “How to make a restaurant quality omelette at home quickly and easily.”

The chef began by seasoning three eggs and vigorously whisking them, ensuring maximum aeration for an extra velvety texture.

He then added some of his favourite fillings, including red onion and green vegetables, and added cream to enhance the creaminess.

The video creator then poured the mix into a pre-heated pan with some butter and topped the omelette with cheese.

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To finish off the recipe, the chef carefully folded the omelette in half and placed it on a plate, which he decorated with chives and a side of hot sauce in a ramekin.

Celebrity chef Jack Stein also gave an insight into how to make the best omelette possible with quality eggs.

The current Chef Director at Rick Stein Restaurants said any type of egg will do when it comes to making a tasty omelette, but free-range and organic are the better options.

“I love Burford Browns as they have a really yellow yolk, which gives a more appealing yellow finish,” said Chef Stein.

“The key to making a delicious omelette is to cook it slowly, so it is soft in the middle as you fold it over,” said Chef Stein.

When cooking the omelette slowly in the pan, make sure you add “a little oil and butter”.

Plus, Chef Stein said you need to “keep stirring until it forms a solid crust”.

He added: “Just as it’s about to hit the point of being cooked, flip onto a plate.”

Chef Stein said: “Making an omelette is a great skill and a lot of restaurants will use it to test a chef’s ability, so it’s definitely something to master!”