IKEA has sent shoppers into a frenzy with a super-sized version of their famous Swedish meatballs, enlarging them to the size of a turkey-just as Christmas approaches.

The retail giant posted a video on Instagram showing sauce being poured on top of the mammoth meatball – which weighs in at a whopping 4.5kg – sitting upon a massive plate of mashed potatoes.

“It’s big. It’s tasty. It’s a proper Christmas showstopper. Introducing the IKEA Turkey-Sized Meatball. Find out how to get your mittens on one soon,” the post’s caption reads.

The mega-meatballs will be available exclusively in the UK, the firm said.

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It’s sold in special box intented to help it keeps it shape and fit easily in the oven to defrost.

A delicious lingonberry sauce as well as the fan-favorite brown sauce will be offered on the side.

The jam is available to buy on Amazon and in all IKEA stores and is a popular accompaniment in Scandinavian countries like Sweden or Denmark.

The comments on the post were awash with customers who could barely contain themselves over the festive treat.

“PLEASE SAY THIS IS REAL,” One person wrote.

“This is it. This is how Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs begins,” wrote another wrote.

“I need this,” said a third.

One user begged the retailer to make one for vegans.

“Please do a vegan version!!!” they wrote, “In NI! ILL BUY IT EVERY MONTH!”

Reacting on X, one user wrote: “The love for the IKEA Turkey-Sized Meatball knows no bounds.”

The ginormous meatball will be available at locations such as Wembley, Nottingham, and Bristol from December 11, The Scotsman reports.

But shoppers hoping to get their hands on one shouldn’t hang around as it will only be in stores for a limited time.

IKEA has only promoted the super-sized meatball on its UK social media.