VAX recently launched its new SpotWash Home Cordless spot washer, which is ideal for cleaning spills, stains and pet messes in the home and car. 

The brand said: “It has powerful extraction that removes dirt and stains from deep within carpet and upholstery for reassuringly effective results and makes light work of tough clean-ups too.

“Powered by interchangeable ONEPWR battery technology which provides up to 25 minutes of consistent runtime, it’s a fast and effective way to lift and remove all manner of home catastrophes.”

I was so excited to try this out as I had never seen a small carpet washer, only large ones which take up lots of space in the home.

I also loved that it came with interchangeable tools to help you tackle different types of surfaces including a Messy Clean Up Tool, ideal for cleaning up after pets.

Having just moved into a new home and the previous owner having pets, the carpet wasn’t in the best state so this was the perfect time to try out the washer.

It was as simple as filling it up with water and adding the antibacterial solution and I was ready to go.

I had hopes that the stains would at least fade after using the cordless spot washer and my expectations were exceeded.

After spraying some of the water onto the stain and scrubbing with the tool, the majority of them instantly disappeared instantly.

This included ones which even carpet stain remover couldn’t remove and I was pleasantly surprised to see my cream carpet once again looking cream.

It was also a shock to see the clear water turn a murky grey colour after all of the cleaning had been done. 

This couldn’t have been more simpler to use and I loved that you could easily transport it around the home quickly, which was so ideal.

The VAX SpotWash Cordless joins a popular range of VAX spot cleaners, which feature models to suit a variety of homes and budgets.

With prices starting from £159.99, Britons can purchase the washer from the company direct, John Lewis or even Currys.

I also tried and tested the brand’s ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet & Car Cordless Vaccum Cleaner which has the same battery as the carpet cleaner, a saving grace for someone who forgets to regularly charge devices.

The vacuum was made using three-stage filtration technology to ensure even the smallest particles of dust are captured in the dust bin, which is great for pet owners.

I was shocked to find the dirt bin completely bursting at the seams after using it in my home, despite thinking that the carpet was clean.

What’s more, it is super easy to empty too with the removable bin making emptying easier than ever with no dust or debris flying anywhere.

At just 3.1kg, it is also a really lightweight vacuum, much lighter to push around the home than I’m used to and I’ve tried a lot of vacuum brands.

The one trouble I did have was manoeuvring it on the carpet, it took a little bit of work unless it was on a super high-speed setting.

Nonetheless, the mini motorised pet tool made vacuuming the stairs so easy.

Prices start at £189.99 for the vacuum, which is super reasonable for the quality of the vacuum. At the time of writing, customers can also get a free toolkit worth over £50 with their order.