Portugal is a well-loved holiday destination for Brits thanks to its year-round sun, affordable prices and relatively short flight time from the UK.

Faro, and Porto are particularly popular breaks for holidaymakers as well as Portugal’s vibrant capital city, Lisbon.

With a crime rate almost three times less than London, Lisbon is widely regarded as one of the safest cities in not just Europe, but the world.

According to the 2023 Global Peace Index, Portugal in general is the 7th safest country in the world – 30 places higher than the UK which finds itself in 37th place.

Portugal scored highly in the Internations Expat Insider Rankings 2023 survey, placing in the top 10 for quality of life (7th), leisure options (8th), safety and security (7th), and environment and climate (5th).

Other findings from the survey state that the average age of an expat in Portugal is 54.8 years old, 17 percent of expats are retirees, and 14 percent of expats in Portugal are British.

One respondent to the survey stated: “Even though I have limited Portuguese language skills, the locals are friendly and accepting.”

A fact supported by the fact that 81 percent of expats feel welcome in Portugal, compared to 67 percent of expats on average feeling welcome globally.

Lisbon is a relatively inexpensive city, especially for a nation’s capital, with a largely affordable cost of living – and rent for an apartment in the city ranging from £500 – £1000 a month.

There are plenty of interesting things to do and see in the capital city, and lots of delicious food and drink to sample.

The Alfama and Bairro Alto neighbourhoods are particularly popular to explore thanks to their culturally rich and charming atmospheres.

Another highlight of Lisbon is the iconic Torre de Belém, a 16th-century tower located on the waterfront, serving as a monument to Portugal’s Age of Discovery.

Portugal’s neighbour, Spain, is also very popular with British expats – with 16 percent of their expats being British, with an average age of 51.5 years old according to the Internations Expat Insider Rankings 2023 survey.

Spain ranked incredibly highly on the quality of life index, taking first place, but has a higher crime rate than Portugal – ranking 32nd in the Global Peace Index.