Household pest control can seem like an insurmountable task during winter, as rodents seek warmth and food inside our homes.

In fact, all manner of living creatures migrate into homes when temperatures start dropping, yet ethical pest management measures remain scarce.

Fortunately, several alternative methods were suggested in a YouTube clip captioned “ways to get rid of mice permanently and naturally”, posted by the health hub Bestie.

The clip racked up more than 38,000 likes and upwards of 2,000 entries in the comment section, where one viewer shared their unorthodox method for deterring pests.

They wrote: “I got rid of two house mice using a bottle of cheap mind alcohol mouthwash. I clean all surfaces and floors using mouthwash and I also leave cotton balls in every room corner, and it really works.”

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Household mouthwashes contain an array of compounds that could prove useful in fending off rodents thanks to their repelling properties.

The strong odour of mouthwash tends to comprise a mix of essential oils including eucalyptus, menthol and thymol – all of which mice hate.

Because it’s the scent of the product that plays a vital role in keeping mice away, homeowners are advised to be tactical in how they use it.

Simply soaking cotton balls or pieces of fabric in mouthwash and placing them in areas where mice may enter could do the job.

Experts at Pest Pointers condone this animal-friendly method on their website. They wrote: “Peppermint mouthwash can act as a potent mice deterrent.

“Its efficacy in repelling mice is due to their disgust for the smell of peppers. And the best part is that it’s an inexpensive, daily solution.”

To heighten your chances of success, ensure you’re buying a peppermint-flavoured mouthwash. Naturally, the stronger the scent, the more effective it will be at repelling the rodents.

“Just remember to replace the cotton balls or rags every few days to maintain the deterring effect,” added the experts.