Social media platforms are flooded with helpful cleaning hacks aimed at tackling oven grime, presumably because it’s a task many households struggle with.

Fortunately, one cleaning whizz has never been let down by one method to tackle stubborn grease, and it calls for just a bit of washing-up liquid.

The hack comes from NSH worker Tanya, who goes by @tanyahomeinspo on TikTok, where she creates content on interior inspiration and cleaning tips.

In one of her videos, Tanya explained that she relies on a trusted ‘frozen washing up liquid hack’ to remove unwanted grime from her oven tray.

Instead of using the detergent at room temperature, she pre-fills an ice cube tray with fairy liquid and pops it in the freezer until the cubes become solid.

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She then uses one of the frozen cubes to scrub the dirt off her rack, demonstrating how easily the grime “slides right off.”

As the video on the page demonstrates, the hack makes the removal of caked-on dirt look easy. The video garnered more than 8,000 views, 400 likes and countless more comments from impressed viewers.

One commented: “Omg this is brilliant.

Another user added: “I’m going to do this right now.” 

“This makes too much sense,” quipped a third of Tanya’s followers, while another commentator chimed in: “What a fab idea!”

The hack is one of many hacks claiming to tackle oven grease in seconds and comes shortly after the method of using scrunched tin foil was shared on social media platforms.

Many cleaning fans have shown that you can get oven doors and racks gleaming with a bit of dish soap and tin foil, thanks to its coarse texture.

TikToker Thomas Lorimer tested out the method using Cif. He poured the product on his oven door along with a bit of elbow grease and scrubbed off the remaining dirt with tin foil.

“Some of it took a bit of extra elbow grease, but nothing major,” he said. “Then I wiped it off and it literally like the oven door was back to showroom shine.”