Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has built a career from divulging his brutally honest culinary opinions, and his latest has been wildly appreciated by fans.

In a recent conversation with Town & Country, the chef discussed the items on a menu that should be avoided by diners who don’t want to be served old scraps of food.

The controversial chef explained that some restaurants frequently recycle old produce and dress it up as unique, to prevent wastage and cut back on costs.

This is why the 57-year-old cook will never order the soup of the day when he goes out to eat, as it’s likely been added to the menu in a bid to use up old produce.

In an interview with Town & Country, Ramsay explained: “Ask what yesterday’s soup du jour was before today’s special. It may be the case that it’s the soup du month.”

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Elsewhere in the interview, the chef was asked for some pointers for ordering at a new restaurant.

“It depends on the restaurant but servers tend to taste most of the dishes on the menu and can give you insight into what the chef has added and what locals have,” he said.

“Being on the road, I’ve gotten a lot of great recommendations from servers.” 

Aside from avoiding certain items on the menu, there are extra measures diners can take to dodge dishonest venues.

In a previous conversation with the Daily Mail, Ramsay opened up about suspicious factors one should be wary of when looking for a place to eat.

Ramsay tends to raise a brow whenever he encounters a place that throws around ‘suspicious’ boasts about the quality of their produce. 

For example, any venue that uses words like ‘famous’ or ‘best in the country’ to describe the status of their restaurant should raise an alarm.

He also mentioned that diners should be wary of anything they order off the special board, especially if the options are endless. 

“Specials are there to disappear throughout the evening. When they ist 10 specials that’s not special,” noted Ramsay.