A cleaning expert shared the top tips to reducing the fallout of pine needles onto your floor, which is key for maintaining a clean and orderly home during Christmas.

To achieve this, Homeaglow, a home cleaning services provider, recommends to establish a clear pathway for the tree when bringing it indoors to prevent collisions that might dislodge needles.

Additionally, position the tree in a cool area and provide occasional watering to preserve its freshness and vibrant green appearance.

Minimise traffic and activity around the tree by placing it in a low-traffic corner, preventing unintentional disturbances.

In theory, the more proactive you are in preventing your Christmas tree from shedding needles and controlling the space for shedding, the simpler the cleanup process will be.

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When it comes to cleaning up fallen needles, using vacuum attachments is essential, but caution is advised against rolling over the needles to avoid potential damage to the vacuum cleaner.

Instead, replace the bag or empty the canister regularly, attach the crevice tool, and vacuum from the outer edges towards the centre.

For quick spot cleaning, lint rollers prove effective, especially on upholstery or carpets where needles may be embedded.

Ensure to use a fresh and sticky layer, starting from the outer edges towards the middle, and dispose of used layers properly.

Duct tape can also be utilised for isolated needle spots by wrapping it around your hand with the sticky side facing outward.

For larger areas, a rubber broom is recommended to gather needles into a pile, which can then be easily cleaned with a pan or vacuum.

These methods collectively contribute to a cleaner home and streamline the cleanup process, so homeowners can enjoy more festive activities with their loved ones during Christmas.

“Trying to reduce the number of pine needles that fall to the ground is the best way of keeping your home clean and looking less like a forest floor,” the expert emphasised.