1. Choosing light colours

Penelope Jacobs, kitchen design expert at MyJobQuote.co.uk, said: “There are three main design components that can determine how spacious a room seems.

“These are colours, lighting, and the contents of the room. One of the easiest things you can do to make your kitchen seem larger is to consider decorating the room in a light, bright colour.

“If your small kitchen walls are dark, this can make the room seem gloomy and crowded. Lighter shades offer a bright and airy feeling.

“The best shades to help your small kitchen seem larger include bright shite, off-white, light yellows, creams, and pale shades of grey.”

2. Reflective materials

According to the expert, shiny surfaces in the kitchen can help to reflect light and bounce it around the room.

This makes it much brighter, giving the “illusion” of a much larger room so bear this in mind when looking to incorporate shiny materials.

Penelope explained: “Mirrored appliances are a great option as these prevent you from having to add anything extra to your kitchen, preventing clutter.

“Glass cabinet doors are also a brilliant way to bounce light around the room. Alternatively, you could opt for a glass-tiled splashback or a metallic splashback such as copper or silver.

“In addition, you could choose a reflective countertop. When paired with under-cabinet lighting, this can accentuate the amount of light in the room and make the space seem larger.”

3. Invite natural light into the room

One of the “best” ways to make a room seem bigger is to invite as much natural light into the room as possible.

This means getting rid of any curtains or blinds which may be blocking light and avoiding placing large items on the windowsill or in front of windows.

The kitchen expert noted: “Also, maximise the amount of light that bounces around the room by choosing glossy construction materials and adding reflective items like small reflective accents and mirrors around the room.

“One large mirror on the kitchen wall can make a big difference in making the room seem much brighter and larger.”

4. Choose open shelving

Open storage options can provide a more spacious and airy appearance if you have a small kitchen so consider removing a couple of cabinet doors if possible.

However, this trick will only work if cupboards are not overwhelmed with lots of food items or clutter.

The expert added: “If you have cluttered open shelves, this will only make the room seem more overwhelming and smaller.

“With this in mind, it’s a good idea to have a clearout to ensure you’re only keeping hold of what you’re using.

“Get rid of any out-of-date food and drink items and throw away anything that you haven’t used or don’t intend to use any time soon. If you need additional storage, you could consider installing some floating shelves on a kitchen wall.

“This will give you a place to store additional items without taking up any floor space and without adding anything too bulky.”