Drying laundry is always hard in the winter months, and it may begin to smell if it hasn’t dried after a long period of time.

To help other Britons struggling to dry laundry, a mum has shared a hack online. Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips Facebook page, Jordan Burden wrote: “I was always told if the ground is dry, no matter the season, your clothes will dry too, just takes a little longer.

“Little trick I learnt when winter comes is to get your clothes airer and a spare bed sheet and wrap it around the clothes airer. Attach it to the radiator or a heated fan and it traps the heat and dries the clothes quicker.”

Britons could turn the heating on in just one room and close the door, or use a dehumidifier on the laundry setting.

Make sure the fitted sheet is big enough to cover the airer, a king-size one should be plenty big enough for most airers.

One anonymous group member wrote: “I’ve tried and tested this, it works brilliantly, your clothing will dry in half the time.

“Just make sure the clothing has enough room around it so the hot air can circulate properly, otherwise your laundry will smell.”

Anita Shrisi commented: “This is brilliant, I’m going to see if there is enough space near my radiators to do this.”

Chris Michael, managing director at Meaco, said: “Positioning the dehumidifier correctly will help dry your clothes quicker and save electricity in the process.

“Place a drying rack away from walls to prevent the moisture from being trapped. Many dehumidifiers also require a 30cm gap behind the machine to ensure it can pull in the air effectively so avoid placing these appliances flush against a wall.

“It is also important that the dehumidifier is placed close to the washing.

“Hang items individually and with as much space in between them as possible so they will dry more quickly. Put smaller clothes on the bottom of a clothes horse and large ones at the top, using hangers where possible to spread clothes out.

“All the clothes should be exposed to the air to help them dry. Setting the washing machine to complete an extra rinse cycle also ensures the clothes come out as dry as possible before you hang them out.”

Laundry modes often run for about six hours which is typically how long a lot of wet washing will take to try.