Unpleasant smells are common around the house – whether it’s from mould, mildew or a smelly drain.

While it may be a source of embarrassment, the worst thing people can do is ignore persistent odours especially if the problem can’t be easily found.

A persistent, strong smell could be a warning sign of an underlying property issue that needs urgent attention.

Putting the problem off could be a costly mistake that could end up costing hundreds if not thousands in the run-up to Christmas.

With this in mind, property experts at Essential Living, have warned that one common bathroom smell could cost homeowners up to £7,500 if it’s left to fester.

A toilet smell can be commonplace in homes, however, a persistent toilet smell could indicate issues with your plumbing or sewer lines which can be costly to fix.

The smell of sewage is not one to be ignored, according to the experts.

They explained: “Bathroom pipes are designed with ‘s’ and ‘u’ bends to help retain water and act as a barrier for smells that have passed through, but they can sometimes stagnate if not flushed regularly.

“It could just be a case of your toilet needing a bit of a flush but, if it’s more serious than this and left untreated, blockages can build up to the point that the waste is forced back up the pipe and into your sink or bathroom floor.

“If you can locate it, a small blockage is relatively easy to clear yourself, however, if your own investigations can’t get to the bottom of the smell, contact a plumber.”

The average cost to repair a burst pipe in your home could be as much as £7,500.

Another smell homeowners shouldn’t ignore is a fishy smell as this could be a sign that an electrical fixture is overheating.

The fishy, bitter smell could mean that plastic, rubber or another material around the appliance is melting.

If this smell is ignored, it could cause a fire. Homeowners need to turn off the power, unplug all the appliances and consult an electrician.

The experts claim homeowners are looking at a minimum cost of £200 for a callout fee.