While kitchen cupboard staples like baking soda and white vinegar don’t kill germs, they are known to lift stains and cut through grease. These two inexpensive items are therefore ideal for targeting tricky-to-clean areas like your kitchen sink or even mirrors.

However, you should keep them far away from each other, according to cleaning expert and product development scientist at Astonish, Olivia Young. The expert warned against combining the popular cleaning agents when cleaning your oven.

Young said: “Many try to combine vinegar and baking soda when creating a DIY home cleaning solution. When mixed together however, this won’t help much when it comes to properly cleaning your oven.”

The cleaning expert explained that vinegar is acidic, while baking soda is alkaline. This means that marrying these kitchen cupboard staples will actually neutralise them.

She said: “[They] end up cancelling each other out – losing their precious cleaning qualities in the process. Instead, just stick to using one of the products for cleaning, there’s no need to mix.”

The cleaning expert added that you shouldn’t only avoid certain cleaning agents but also tools.

Young said: “It’s also important to treat your oven with care when cleaning. Avoid using metal brushers or scrubbers, as they can damage the metal and leave scratches in and around the oven. 

“Stick with the soft cloths and sponges to keep your oven clean and like new.”

Instead, the cleaning expert recommended keeping things fairly simple and opting just for “baking soda and a bit of elbow grease”.

Young said: “Simply sprinkle the baking soda inside the oven and wipe away with a wet cloth. 

“This will help cut through the grease and food stains in no time. Just don’t forget to remove the racks first and let them soak in dish soap and warm water.”

As this can be a bit of a messy job, she recommended sticking on a pair of rubber gloves.

To keep your oven in good shape, Young said you should give your oven regular spot cleans when you start to notice stains and spillages. 

“This will help stop food and oils turning stubborn and tough to clean, saving you hours in the day that would otherwise have been spent scrubbing away,” the cleaning expert added.