Taking the time to cook eggs for breakfast can seem like a waste when they don’t turn out right, whether they’re boiled, scrambled or fried.

This is even more true for poached eggs which tend to wilt away in the water as the whites cook.

While this is enough to put some people off cooking them for good, one savvy chef has found a simple remedy.

Sharing his tip on TikTok, Jason (@jortskitchen), revealed that water and white vinegar are “life-changing” when it comes to poaching eggs.

However, unlike most hacks, he doesn’t use the acidic ingredient while cooking but rather beforehand.

In a video posted for his 850,7000 followers to see, the chef said: “I don’t think you understand how much this secret poached egg hack changed my life.”

He then demonstrated the method, which started with him adding equal parts water and white vinegar to a large bowl.

This was filled up to around one-third of the way, with plenty of room to submerge the eggs.

Jason then cracked four eggs into the water one at a time, noting that they should be left for “at least 10 minutes”.

He said: “They’ll form a soft layer on the outside so when you boil them you don’t get all those stringy bits, resulting in the best-poached egg you’ve ever had.”

To cook them, the TikTok star carefully scooped the eggs out of the bowl using a large cooking spoon and lowered them into a pan of boiling water.

Once poached for a few minutes, he removed them to reveal the runny yolk encased in the firm whites of the eggs.

The video garnered hundreds of thousands of likes, with more than 1,080 comments from impressed fans.

One person wrote: “Made poached eggs for the first time today like this. 10/10.” Another opined: “Just made this, it’s so so so good thank you so much.”

Some, however, did criticise the amount of vinegar used, with one TikTok user commenting that the eggs were “pickled” rather than poached.