North-facing rooms will get the least amount of natural light at any time of day.

Rather than letting the room look dull, dark and cold, paint – and other tricks – can make a world of a difference to how the space feels.

Sarah Lloyd, paint expert at Valspar Paint, said: “In north-facing rooms, you want to avoid blue and grey.”

These colours will only intensify the glacial atmosphere that can feel too cool and unwelcoming.

“Instead, try colours that will brighten the room and keep it nice and airy.”

Sarah recommended to House Beautiful “warmer blush tones or beiges” for north-facing rooms.

Dulux stated that warmer tones of pink, gold and yellow work wonders to achieve a “cosy, welcoming atmosphere”.

For a more subtle warmth, Dulux recommended whites that have an undertone of pink, for example, or yellow.

Paint choices for north-facing rooms

  • Copper Blush
  • Blush Pink
  • Summer Linen
  • Cookie Dough
  • Lemon Pie
  • Natural Hessian

Benjamin Moore said: “Counterbalance the cast of cool northern exposure with a clean, fresh white paint that has a hint of yellow.”

Recommending three white paints, Benjamin Moore noted: “These three are all go-to white paint colors that provide varying levels of warmth, depending on how cool (or blue) the lighting in your north-facing space is.”


  • Cotton Balls OC-122
  • White Chocolate OC-127
  • Power Sand OC-113

The muted natural lighting in a north-facing room benefits from neutrals that have soft yellow undertones.


  • Elephant Tusk OC-8
  • Wheeling Neutral HC-92
  • Lenox Tan HC-44

For trim and ceiling paint in a north-facing room, Benjamin Moore suggested White Dove OC-17.

“Consider a higher finish on trim, like semi-gloss or high-gloss, to bring reflection and dimension to slightly darker spaces,” recommended Benjamin Moore.

Claire Armstrong-Gautier, of My Bespoke Room, added that a “good-sized” mirror will be able to bounce around the little light the room gets.

“For the best results, hang or place it on the opposite wall from the window,” said Claire.