Cleaning enthusiasts have lauded a bathroom cabinet staple after discovering it contains the best agents to tackle tough carpet stains.

Social media pages have recently been filled with requests from desperate homeowners seeking the best DIY solutions to get rid of marks on their upholstery.

Despite traditionally being used for hair removable, shaving creams’ remarkable capacity for stain removal has been lauded by the cleaning community.

The efficacy behind the product boils down to ots composition, which comprises surfactants and other cleansing agents that remove dirt and oil.

The product is also able to penetrate deep into fibres of clothing and carpets to draw out any dirt particles.

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It can be wiped away or vacuumed, after being left to sit for a short period. This should allow the stain to come out totally.  

The surprising hack emerged on Mrs Hinch’s fan page when a content creator called for help after discovering a large stain on her footstool.

“Posting again as I’ve tried the rug doctor foam remover which hasn’t worked,” She wrote in the group. “Any tips on how to get this watermark to stain out of a grey fabric footstool please?”

One user responded: “You need to clean the whole cushion not just parts of it as this is what happens, clean the entire area don’t soak it, damp it and scrub it.

“Could try the shaving foam on it for around 20 minutes and then damp it off with a cloth. If it starts drying patchy you could try drying over it without your hair dryer.

Another person quipped: “Try shaving foam, not the gel. Test on a small area, but it removed a really bad stain on my carpet.” 

These unexpected uses of shaving cream have extended to other cleaning tasks too, including as an anti-fogging agent.  

Experts at Apartment Therapy wrote: “To prevent your bathroom from fogging up in the future, apply a thin layer of shaving cream and then wipe it off.

“You can also use the shaving de-fogging trick on shower doors, windshields or eyeglasses.”